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Increase sales and Customer satisfaction

Agent ReVa is an AI-powered real estate virtual assistant offering great convenience to home buyers by providing them real-time assistance.

Modernized lead generation

With home buyers becoming more choosy and mortgage terms being stricter, Volumes of research is required to find quality listings, understand market value, find good bargains, and perceive what the client is looking for. ReVa uses advanced and laser-focused digital marketing techniques to generate leads for you.

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Engaging and Nurturing clients

ReVa can assist you by engaging, educating and qualifying cold leads with little effort from your side. Agent ReVa will work on your behalf and collect unique information from the client regarding their lifestyle needs and preferences making the process of searching listings smoother!

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Leverage Technology

Modernize your customer acquisition process with an assistant that organizes your prospects’ information and preferences for optimal lead qualification. Also, ReVa is fully automated and self-learning, Which means, she learns about your clients the more they interact with her.

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Simplify your life

Agent ReVa can tackle up to 90% of general customer queries through self-service chat. Allowing you to have more time for meaningful engagements and communication.  Agent ReVa can do all the necessary pre-qualifications for you from identifying a client’s needs and pre-qualifying them for a mortgage to showing them relevant listings matched to their budget and lifestyle. The client will be handed over to you when they are ready to actively view the prospective short-listed homes.

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ReVa is the ultimate Real Estate Virtual Assistant for a New-gen top agent.

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