Use AI Technology to find the best matched listings in seconds

With around 18,000 residential real estate listings just in the Toronto area, How do you find the one that is a perfect match for your specific needs?

Beyond just pricing and number of bedrooms, you want a home that best matches your family situation and your lifestyle needs. This is where ReVa’s artificial intelligence can really make a difference.

  • ReVa learns about your needs and your preferences and will show you personalized listings.
  • The more listings you review the more ReVa will be able to analyze your preferences, understand what you are looking for and match you to homes that are a perfect match for your lifestyle.
  • As your preferences change, ReVa will be able to adapt and will change to match your new needs.
  • ReVa shows you the best-matched listings first - which saves you a lot of time (no more sifting through hundreds of listings just to find the ones you need)
  • ReVa can also optimize your matches showing you listings that are very highly personalized. You can simply type “Show me listings near a good school” or “Show me listings that are close to work”, ReVa will instantly pull up these listings for you and in the off-chance that such listings are not available at that time, ReVa can alert you when an appropriate one pops up in the MLS listing.
  • ReVa continually monitors the MLS database on your behalf and will instantly alert you when a match is detected.
  • Beyond just listings, ReVa will also send you market and listings statistics about a neighborhood of your interest.

It's truly the fastest way you can compare houses. Be the first to know when your perfect match is listed.

AgentReva for Buyers from AgentReVA on Vimeo.