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Become a smart agent! Let technology do the heavy lifting of day to day nurturing

Promoting your listing on Social Media

Promoting your listing on MLS systems and sending emails to family and friends is not enough. You need to reach new prospects where they are, on Social Media platforms!

You need to reach out with information that is useful and valuable to them.

Here one example that new home buyers will appreciate:

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Instant listings match for Home Buyers

No more wasting time looking at thousands of listings. Automated listings do not reflect  changing needs of buyers. ReVa is built on a smart-matching technology that adjusts as home buyer needs and preferences change.

Powerful AI assistant at your fingertips

ReVa is backed by state of the art AI technology that will give home buyers an exceptional real estate experience. Equipped with unique machine learning technology, ReVa will constantly learn about buyer preferences and gives unbiased advice and an unparalleled personalized experience.


Always connected

Prospects having to wait for a response for a simple question is frustrating. No more waiting on hold, delayed email responses or scrambling through various sources for information. With ReVa home buyers will get guidance and support 24/7. ReVa is always on, always monitoring and always on top of the game.

Get guidance and support 24/7

Find Qualified Prospects

Finding a qualified prospect is critical to your success. A referral from family and friends may not cut it for you. ReVa has got you covered on this front as well. Leads are automatically nurtured and qualified, until they are ready to speak with you.


ReVa is the ultimate Real Estate Virtual Assistant for the Smart Real Estate Agent.

Join the ReVa smart home buyer community today!

Still not convinced? Give ReVa a try!

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