Changing Real-Estate Trends? Keep Up-To-Date With These Blogs

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Here’s the thing: the real-estate market is unpredictable.

It is hard to keep up with it when you are busy yourself. But it is a topic to be aware of if you are going to enter the real estate market or are planning on purchasing another property. It gives you knowledge about the changing of the market and topics that buyers and sellers have to understand before entering the market.

These are our top 5 trusted Canadian Real Estate blogs which will give you all the information you need to become a real estate guru yourself. We believe in quality over quantity and have found that these blogs will educate, inform, and help you with your home buying journey.

  1. Zoocasa

This blog has it all – great articles, videos, reports, and slides. On top of that, they have a section dedicated to just infographics that capture information in visually striking ways to map the market. Their articles are great for first time home buyers which provide with the information that is needed about the current market and predictions of what is next.

  1. Point2Homes

This blog specializes in the Canadian Real Estate Market and the trends surrounding it. A unique aspect this blog has that it caters to most cities within Canada and its specific local market trends. It also has categories related to the United States and International market as well. A well rounded blog with lots of information for everyone

  1. Buzz Buzz Home

We enjoy the overall website as it is easy to navigate and the content is very informative. It is especially helpful for first time home buyers as it provides multiple articles on what to do but also examples such as bad home listings. The content gets updated

  1. The Red Pin Pulse

The Red Pin Pulse is a great blog for people that are just getting into the real estate market. It has articles and news about the current trends, and also interprets the real estate market for you. It is comprehensive and easy to understand to give you the most relevant news of today. One of its unique features is the interviews which features real estate advice from industry professionals, ranging from interior designers, project managers, and professional organizers.

   5Better Dwelling

We like this blog for how simple and clean it is. It focuses on its content rather the aesthetics of the blog. Their articles are easy to understand, relevant, and focus on mostly Canadian real estate market. They do have an occasional article or two about the US market and International news as well. Our favourite thing about this would be the forum which allows users to ask questions to a large number of people. This gives it an advantage of getting answers from real people and their experiences.

Here were just a few blogs that we recommend for staying in touch and updated with any real estate news. For additional information, like us on Facebook.

If you any questions about buying a house or even the entire buying process, Just Ask ReVa!

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