Author: Nazia Khan

GTA Monthly Report – October 2018

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The month of October saw a lot of snow but not much difference to the real estate market! The market saw a slight decrease of 1.6% in property prices varying across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). There is also a drop of 1.1% observed in the GTA for the number of newly listed homes between September

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Bank of Canada Raises Interest Rate – Again!

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Canadians can expect to pay 0.25% more on their interest rates starting October 24, 2018. This increase by the Bank of Canada on Wednesday raised the benchmark interest rate from 1.50% to 1.75% - which has already been raised 4 times since the summer of 2017. This was justified by praise to the econ

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5 Qualities Your Mortgage Provider MUST Have

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Mortgage providers play a crucial role in getting the lowers mortgage interest  rate and terms in the market. You want to work with someone who will offers competitive rates, good service, and support with this journey. It is important to keep these things in mind while choosing a mortgage provider

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Can You Buy a Home with Bad Credit?

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To start, let us reassure you by saying that you CAN buy a house. Whether you have declared bankruptcy or have very bad credit, it is possible to purchase a dream home like you always wanted to! The only difference is that you will have to pay more for a mortgage than someone who has a better credit

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